Custom Toques for your Brand

Design a custom toque for your brand or business and get a quote online.

You’ve seen them, toques with logos and words knit into them. We do that. We work directly with two factories that do knitting. Every option is available. Choose your styles, thread colours and decoration options.

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Primary decoration

1: Pom-Pom

Arguably the most fun part of the hat. Colour coordinate it with your design.
Can’t decide? Mix up to 3 colours. Or don’t, whatever.


3: Motif Design Area

3.5″ tall

The section of the crown allotted the motif design of your choice.
Mix, match and stack from our premade motifs or ask us about making a custom motif.


2: Crown

5″ tall

This is the top section of the hat.
Holds all yer brains in.


4: Cuff

2.5″ tall

The bottom section of the hat, usually folded once to keep the area over your ears extra warm.


Secondary decoration

1: Woven

A piece of fabric with your
graphic woven into the threads.
Flat and minimal with less
dimension than embroidery.
Think t-shirt tag.


2: Direct

This process sews your graphic directly into the fabric of the toque. The max size for this is in centimeters for some reason and is 5.5×10cm.

3:  Embroidered

A thick threaded patch with
your graphic, made up of loops of coloured thread. Probably the first thing you think of when you hear “patch”.

4:  Leather

Definitely the most leather
decoration option. This is
a piece of leather with your
graphic stamped or laser etched and then sewn to the toque around the edge.

No Pom-Pom


No problem.
This is also called  a Watch Cap and  is our most popular
toque style.


 No Cuff


No problem.
This is also called  a Slouch Toque.
Popular with Brad  Pitt in 2005.


Knit Toque Motif Selection

Choose from these patterns to personalize your custom toques.  Don’t like these designs? I worked hard on them… but that’s cool.
Customize toques to your liking.  Colours* can be changed to match  your branding and patterns can be mixed, matched, and stacked.

Here's some inspiration...

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Toll-Free: 1-833-237-4747

Local:  613-544-6315